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What you'll receive:

  • TWO at-home workouts to your email inbox each Monday at 5:30 am MST. And yes, these are videos! You'll do the ENTIRE workout with me, and we're going to work hard! *A written breakdown of the workout will also be provided, in case you want to take it on the go.

The only equipment you'll EVER need, is a heavy resistance band, two 5# dumbbells, two 10# dumbbells... and occasionally a chair or step. A yoga mat is optional, and a water bottle is always recommended.

  • One weekly surprise from me.

Your weekly surprise will fall under one of the following categories:

MOMSTRONG FIT: An additional workout in written form of what I'm doing in the gym, for all you gym rats. This is included most weeks (just because I LOVE the gym too!)

MOM-NOMS: If you know me, you know I'm passionate about nutrition. On the weeks you get a "Mom-noms" surprise, you can expect helpful nutritional content: whether it's a meal plan, a new healthy recipe, easy snack ideas, or a nutritional message, this surprise will always be fun.

MOMSTRONG UNIVERSITY: Welcome to my classroom. As a registered nurse and through my experience as a personal trainer, I have a lot of knowledge to share with you. Science can be complicated, but I'm here to make it easy and fun! Here you'll learn educational, evidence-based concepts for a healthier you.

MOMSTRONG MOTIVATE: As soon as you're signed up, you're on my team! We're here to motivate each other. Whether this comes in the form of a challenge, a mindfulness technique, or tips to keep you motivated, this surprise will help you to grow.

To sum it up... I'm going to share with you all that I know, all that I'm learning, and I hope you'll join me for the ride. Together, we are Momstrong.


The best part... it's ONLY $19.99 / month! Exchange your $5 drink each week for this program instead. ;) There's nothing else like it!

Whenever you decide to sign up, you will receive your first email the following Monday morning by 5:30 am.

**Note: Sign-ups for each week's content close on Sunday at 10:00 pm.

*This is a subscription. The day you cancel your subscription, you will no longer receive any emails for the program. As long as you are still subscribed, you'll receive the content each week.

*Workout videos are only accessible for TWO weeks until they deactivate. You will always have access to your written copy, but have two weeks to utilize the videos.





"I'm loving it so far! Things I love: 1. That I can see and hear that you're working hard at the same time as me! It's not just a bunch of "moves" thrown together by an algorithm, like an app I previously subscribed to -- that trainer didn't shed one drop of sweat. 2. The variety! Other 'subscriptions' I've tried have been super repetitive. 3. The encouragement! My favorite line so far: 'You can do hard things.' 4. It's challenging! I'm burning more calories than other workouts of the same length." K.D.

"I just finished the Total Body: Emphasis on LEGS. Oh My! That was a work out. Actually I've been with you on this program since day one and they have all been hard workouts, but I have stuck through them and that has surprised me. You have helped push me past what I thought I could not do. 

As I finished this workout today I realized how far I have come in these past 6 weeks. You have given me myself again. I have been in an awful rut for the past year and a half and I've been trying to find my way out of it. I've always loved how exercising makes me feel, but I have always had a hard time keeping promises to myself. Working out with Momstrong Move has been a ray of sunshine in my life and more light is coming each day because of it. I've started keep promises to myself. Thank you, thank you!" -Emily P.

“I LOVE your workouts. So many at home workouts are repetitive and boring… so this ROCKS.” -Jessie L.

I so love when I get to do your workouts!  I love that they help me keep my pace up and bring so much variety.  I'm grateful for something so flexible that I can adjust as needed to my life.  Working out at home is my favorite, but with a life that isn't super consistent, it has been exciting to have a "program" that I can sign up for a month here or there when it makes sense, stop when life demands something different, and re-sign up when it returns to normal.  Makes it more budget friendly too!  Always grateful for that.  I adore your energy and positivity.  Thank you for all the work you put into bettering the lives of others! -Tara S.

“Thank you for producing Momstrong Move. I’ve been doing the workouts for 4 weeks now and look forward to exercising. I’ve been an avid believer in exercise and its benefits for many years ,but an IT band injury has kept me from doing races for the last 3 years. After my 5th baby in January I’ve really struggled to find motivation to move. This last month, I’m finally starting to feel a little more like myself again and I know exercise has played a huge roll in that. Thank you, thank you for sharing your talents and making exercise fun for me again.” -Ashlie R.

“I’ve used both [the gym and at-home workouts] and loved them ALL! Every workout is HARD but doable, and every time I feel so good… I love all the workouts, meal plans, motivation, and I just love your vibe. So much.” -Janey L.

“These workouts are helping me through each day. I’m a much better mama on the days that I take time to take care of my body! Thank you!” -Brynn W.

"I have been LOVING THIS!!!! My friends and I have been texting back and forth about how killer these workouts are and how sore we are haha. Hurts so good!"

"This mom with RA that is especially bad in my knees just finished the entire legs workout that I was admittedly afraid to do today. Modified, but I didn't give up and I'm crying, but it's because I feel strong... Thanks for pushing me." -Missy K.

“I just finished Week 8 and I’m down 15 pounds! I feel amazing. I feel like I have more energy, I am excited to get to the gym, I am excited to create healthy meals, and try health meals… I’m loving it!” -Maddy R.

“Can’t thank you enough. So worth the $20/month!” -Sarah C.

“Gosh I love your workouts and content every week!!! Thanks for motivating me and making me eager to be the best version of ME! I know it takes time and effort especially amongst all the day to day Mom life but know it’s not going unnoticed or worth the sacrifices I know you’re making. BIG THANK YOU!” -Brittany K.

“I am telling all my friends about [your program]. So many are doing BBG, which is great, but for me, it was so hard to stick to it because you repeated the workouts SO much. I love that each week is different and I don’t know what I’m getting myself into so I just do it!!! I have done so many different programs and this is by far the best! Thank you so much. I am so glad I have been doing it since the start! Love love love!” -Shalese S.

"Just had to tell you that I've been doing your workouts now and I usually end your workouts with a 1 mile run just to top it off. Today I decided to just do cardio and i ran my fastest 3 miles since, probably, Junior High! I already feel so much stronger and I'm so grateful for this program that has increased my motivation like crazy! Can't wait for next week!" -MaryJane T.

"Scheduled out what days I will be at the gym and what days I do at-home workouts. Glad to have things to do at home and at the gym so I'm not just floundering on what to do when I get started. Thank you!" 

"I just finished my first workout and boy do I feel great! Your speed was awesome and I loved how each circuit was enough to keep me sweating and working hard. The time flew by."

"Workout done before the kiddos woke up. That feels pretty good just to have it done first thing." -Missy K.

"Did the Momstrong Move leg workout yesterday. I was a sweaty mess by the end and I'm feeling it today, but I loved it! Thanks!"

"Just did the Momstrong Move, Week 2 Total Body workout and I'm dead!! I love it though! I've been looking for some hard and challenging, yet rewarding workouts and that's exactly what these are!" -Maddy R.

"I just love how exercise feels and makes me stronger. I love breaking a sweat and feeling good. Showing my kids an active life and encouraging them to be active." -Addy C.

"I am LOVING this workout program so much. I'm so excited for Monday to roll around again just to get your email! It's kept me so motivated and accountable, and the best part is I am starting to see real results and feel way better about myself! So happy to be a part of this." -C.B.

"I loved working out with you this morning! Being 36 weeks preggo I to modify a lot but it was awesome having you encouraging me. Can't wait when I can do all the workouts!" -Alicia C.

"Just finished my legs workout and I was wobbly going down my stairs afterwards! I'd call that a success! Some of the moves I had to do weight free because I'm not used to using weights but I know that I will eventually be able to work my way up to using weights at all times! Great job on the legs video! Loved it! Even had my little copying my moves." -Kati

"My abs are burning after that first workout! Thanks for this awesome program. Just what I need to get in shape for my wedding." -Kimie

"Just did the first workout and loved it! The time went by so fast that at the end I could have sworn we finished ten minutes early!" -K.D.

"I just finished my first workout and boy do I feel great! Your speed was awesome and I loved how each circuit was enough to keep me sweating and working hard. The time flew by." -Nat

"Just finished the first workout! LOVED IT! Abs are burning! Thank you so much for this! Happy Monday!" -Brittany K.

"I love how mixed up your workouts are -- meaning from one workout to the next! It really keeps it interesting and not boring!" K.T.

"I've actually worked out this week with your videos. 3 times now! They get me sweaty and I love it. And my kids try to copy me too. I hope I can be this kind of example to them as you are to your daughter." -Sarah F.

"This was a lifesaver after sitting all day at work!!! Thank you!" -Elizabeth N.

I am truly LOVING Momstrong Move!  I am looking forward to each week, and keeping my commitment to myself to take care of my body.  Thank you again for the wonderful subscription.  It fills me with joy and I can really feel your support through your videos, even though we haven't met in person.  -Laura F.


It all started when…

I kept receiving hundreds of messages each year... "I wish I could afford a personal trainer!" "I wish I had more workouts to do at home with my kids around." "Work is taking over and I wish I had someone who could just write out a fitness plan for me." "I'm discouraged. I need to find motivation. Will you help me?"

Well friends, I decided to act. Something needed to be done. Something affordable, something challenging and modifiable for any fitness level, and something in the convenience of your own home. And behold, this subscription was born. My goal is to create lifestyle changes for you that will transform your life from the inside out. You can't afford to miss this!