Summer Strong


Summer Strong

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A one month fitness plan for all fitness levels that will guarantee results! Workout from the comfort of your living room with no equipment needed, and daily workouts intended to take no longer than 30 minutes. Included is a month-long fitness guide with pictures so Meg is by your side each step of the way, nutrition advice and snack ideas, and expert nutritional advice to living a healthier and well-balanced lifestyle. 45 pages of evidence-based information to help you achieve success! Grab it today if you're ready to become a healthier you! This body positive plan is one you'll want to be a part of.

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  • "This was a great program for a new mom who also works full time. It can be hard to find the time to exercise but it's important to me especially now as I want to set an example for my son and also have the energy to keep up with him. It was so nice to have some quick workouts where I felt like I was still working. I'll definitely refer back to them! I loved the meal plans. We tried almost every recipe and there wasn't one that we didn't like. I definitely felt stronger and more confident. I really appreciated that this was a body positive program." -Cassie T.


  • "I am a 54 year old mama who has previously done little to no strength training.  I dislike going to gyms and sweating (well I don't even like getting in the car to go to the gym) and much prefer being outside in nature jogging, walking, hiking.  That has been my preferred method of exercising for the past 42 years.  But, I have known for a long time that I need to work on my upper body strength especially.  So I took Meg's Summerstrong challenge.  She is my daughter after all.  But honestly, I am so glad I did.  Things I loved:  I could do it in my own home and yard.  It was flexible, meaning I could modify the number of reps and the way I did them if I had to.  Meg let me be accountable to her so I was motivated to keep going.  Sometimes there were really short workouts (loved those days!).  I am more toned and can actually see new muscles in my arms and legs. My metabolism increased.  And I did something that was hard for me and pushed me.  After the first 2 days I was so sore but by the last week, I had the strength and power to do the workouts without soreness.  It was doable!  If I can do it, seriously, I think anyone can do it.  Thanks Meg!  Love you!  Go Momstrong!" -Cynthia W.


  • "This has been an awesome jump-starter for me!  Up until I signed up for this program I had not been exercising regularly as I used the excuse that chasing my kids was enough of a workout.  In other words, I was okay with not making time for myself.  This program helped me remember that I need to take a little time for myself to become better and stronger so that I can do a better job taking care of my family and those around me.  Kind of like a "put your oxygen mask on yourself first and then help your kids put their mask on" ah-ha moment.  I loved the variety of each workout.  That helped me to not get bored.  I love the month long plan because it was long enough that it was a big goal to accomplish but was also attainable. This program was about so much more than losing weight to me.  I loved your focus on becoming stronger and pushing yourself. My goal was to set a better example to my girls and show them by example how to push themselves and do hard things.  Our bodies are amazing and help us to be able to do so many incredible things, but we need to take the time to properly fuel them and make them stronger so we can accomplish even more.  This plan helped me to set goals for myself and accomplish those goals.  It felt good to feel proud of myself!  I feel stronger, happier, and motivated to keep on going.  Thank you Meg!" -Emily M.


  • "First of all I just want to say how much I loved your program! I have two kids and a husband who works long hours so even though I would love it, finding the time to get out and exercise or go to the gym is not usually feasible with my two kiddos. I love that I can do this program at home, while my boys eat breakfast. And I love that it doesn't ever take too long to finish that day's workout because heaven knows, time is precious! I liked the variety of workouts included- it kept things interesting and challenging. The picture explanations were awesome but the videos you posted on Instagram were even more helpful! They really helped me to check my form and make sure I was doing the moves right. I loved the food ideas and recipes. My favorite were the power balls- they are delicious and I have kept them stocked in my fridge for several weeks now to help with my sugar cravings and to give me a boost before I work out. My husband really likes them too!" -Amie G.


  • "Thanks so much for this great program! When I found your plan it was the perfect timing. I have four little kids and a very busy husband who is a resident. I am an avid runner and wanted to do more but couldn’t find the time or mental energy to figure out what else I needed to add into my workouts. I loved your workouts! They were so doable but hard. I also love having it all lined out so I know what part of my body to workout which day and I don’t have to plan the workouts! I did make progress doing the plan! I do feel stronger. This morning I went running and I was thinking about how I did feel stronger. At the beginning full pushups were so so hard for me to do and I would sub knee pushups in but at the end I could do full pushups!  I finished yesterday with the last workout and it was awesome. The thing I also loved about the plan is I did it on a few different vacations! While in Utah visiting family and in Vermont with my little family. It was so easy to do anywhere but a good workout- as long as I had my iPhone with me I could look up my workout on ibooks. I love it! I am starting the plan again on Monday. Thanks so much!" -Sarah M.


  • I LOVED your workout plan! The fist week was awesome and I had my girls (all four!) doing them with me! Those were killer workouts! I am the type of person that likes to work out different muscle groups each day... arms one day, legs and butt the next, and so your plan was perfect for me! And boy did I sweat! Drip drip! ;) This whole plan and the Momstrong blog with inspiring stores are so awesome. I love that my own girls can look at the Momstrong Instagram and are inspired. Thanks for the awesome training month! Looking forward to more!" -Tricia S.


  • "I finished my last summer strong workout today. Yay! It took me a long time today to convince myself to actually do the workout, but I'm glad I did. Some days have definitely been harder than others, but I'm so glad I was able to do the program. I made modifications and did fewer reps/sets than suggested much of the time in an effort to not over-do it. My main goal was to get myself moving more this pregnancy because I hardly did anything with my first. I think I have already done more this moth than I probably did my whole first pregnancy. As much as I felt like I didn't do much some days, at least it was something and that was my goal. As time went on, I felt like I could do more and am getting stronger. I thought there was a great variety of exercises and I wasn't repeating the same exercises over and over again. I liked that some of the exercises that were a little harder to understand had descriptions and I thought the "Momstrong Moves" page with pictures, was very helpful. Thanks for all your hard work in putting together this program and doing it right along with us. I look forward to seeing what else you put together!" -Angie L. 


  • "I was excited to support Meg in telling friends about her workouts, but I was pretty nervous to do Summer Strong!  I had done some of the workout videos from @momstrongutah, maybe two days per month.  Being busy with work, I had not done much more than that, besides some push-ups and sit-ups every few weeks and going on a hike or two.  Summer Strong required daily (except 2 rest days) strength-training for up to half an hour for one month. My siblings each have strong muscles and I remember having muscles as a teenager because of dance classes, but that was 13 years ago.  In the past months, I have thought that we have the same parents so if my siblings have the ability to get strong, I must too!  (Better logic would have been that all humans can get strong, but that’s what I thought).  I found out my mom had bought the program and it had only been going one day, so I decided to pay the $30 and do it for a month, planning to keep the PDF to exercise even after the one month was over.

    I am a teacher and out of school for the summer.  At first I did the workouts at night but realized that since I’m working from home, I could do them in the morning and start work afterwards.  I had no kids and no going into work to keep me from doing this program every day.  I believe it was the middle of the second week when the soreness hit.  Once it hit, it didn’t go away for at least a week.  Because I wanted to do the program as outlined, I kept going.  I found chairs to use, steps, cans of beans, a bag of school supplies as a kettle bell, and sweat a lot exercising for the first time in months (or a year?).  One morning I wanted to skip the workout to get ready for the day sooner, but found out that day’s workout was only 10 minutes!  Another morning I wanted to skip it for the same reason, and the workout was the full 30 minutes, but doing it kept me on track with the program and gave my body and mind a short break.

    When given options such as “10-12 reps” and “2-3 circuits,” I usually chose the lower one.  I could see a slight difference in my arms, abs, and legs by the end of the 2nd week.  I could see muscle definition and tone.  Meg’s message written at the beginning of the packet about thinking positively about your body was a great way for me to combat negative thoughts I had about my appearance during the first week.  I tried to think two positive things about my body for every negative, using her examples as ideas.  Talking with my mom, who was on the same day of the program as me, I learned that we were both sore but both still doing the full program.  She posted to Meg’s instagram about how the workouts were challenging and how she was staying committed.  One of my best friends and her sister started the program; my brother and sister-in-law in Virginia started it; and my dad joined with my mom on some workouts.  Of course Meg was doing it as well.  I got to do it in the same room with my brother and sisters in Virginia for a week (while my baby niece and nephew watched), and then again with my friends and my mom at their cabin in Montana as they finished up the last week (their mom also watched and joined in some days).

    I finished up my last week of Summer Strong while staying with Meg in Virginia.  I’d texted her during the program when I felt great about my workout, to say thank you for the program, and she would cheer me on in return! When I finished Saturday morning, I reported to her face to face and she gave me a hug, complimented my muscles, and we took some “flexies.”  Maybe it’s just the angle, but we took one with me, Taylor (one of my brothers) and Meg flexing and you can see all of our arm muscles!  I’m pretty sure the fact the angle is what made mine look almost as big as theirs— but my muscles were bigger and more toned than if we had taken the same flexie a month before, and I had accomplished the exercises Meg put out for me.  I wanted to continue doing strength training exercises on the same schedule, even though I was finished with the month of Summer Strong.

    I’m on Day 5 of Week 4 again this week.  As I exercised this morning I had a thought which reminded me I still needed to write this review and get my Momstrong t-shirt!  The thought was, Now I feel like strength-training is part of “being healthy.”  This year I have been very aware of eating healthy, getting adequate rest, meditating, and even being active through my teaching job (I walk around a lot) and going on hikes.  I’ve never considered strengthening muscles part of “being healthy.”  For me, that was “being fit” and was an extra bonus to being healthy.  After finishing Summer Strong, I think I’ve expanded my idea of “being healthy” to include having strong muscles.  Muscles are part of the body, and strong muscles are healthy muscles.  I feel a huge difference if I don’t sleep well, and sometimes if I don’t eat well.  I do feel different having done more strength training this month, but it’s more the knowledge of what my muscles can do, and if I need to use them to go on a hike or waterski, there will likely be less strain because of the strength I’ve built.  I’m still petite, and still can barely do a push-up all the way to the ground (I go as far as I can), but I have healthier muscles than I did one month ago.  And that is something to be proud of!

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience and love, Meg! As you said responding to my text midway through the program, “Yay!! Awesome KK! I love hearing that.  So proud of you for keeping it up!! Love you so much!”  You are an awesome supporter!  Love you MEG!" -Kaite W.


  • "I LOVED this program. I have done a lot of workout videos and things online, but printing out the PDF for these workouts was a lot easier for me as a mom. I have a toddler (who gets up way too early), and a newborn, so an uninterrupted workout is hard to come by. Being able to pull up the workouts on my phone at the park, or have the printed copy sitting on the table, was more convenient for my lifestyle than pausing a workout video multiple times. If I finished just one circuit, I'd get the next done when I found a spare moment. And most of the time my daughter would be the one to tell me to "do that exericse on the paper" (kids can be great workout buddies-- or a great weight!). I feel stronger and more happy/confident. I feel like I'm less concerned about being skinny and looking good vs. being strong and there for my kids. Which is huge!" -Kayla K.


  • "I really enjoyed the workouts and thought the program was very well thought out for a good challenge that was also attainable. The first week was tough to get into a routine but after that it got easier each week. I liked how it was just one month so it didn't feel like I was committing to some super long thing. I missed a day or two here and there but didn't feel like I couldn't catch up. For me I noticed just feeling better overall and getting a bit more arm strength. Thanks for the opportunity, I really enjoyed it." -Marissa B.


  • "I love being able to wake up and not think about what I'm going to work out.  I always want to workout different muscles but don't have the knowledge to come up with my own workout. (I tend to do workout classes or videos) I've been sore a lot which is great since I know my muscles are working! Love the program!" -Camille B.