2:1 Personal Training- Monday

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2:1 Personal Training- Monday


6:15-7:15 am session

Train with a friend or partner! $40 each session/$160 month per person*

-You must commit to at least two months of training. I want you to be successful and reach your goals, so I’d recommend giving the program at least 8 weeks (and hopefully longer)! The 60-minute session will include weights/HIIT/cardio + a lot of teaching and support. I will also be available to you 24/7 via text, phone, or email. Once you’re signed up, you’re on my team, I’m committed 100%, and we’re going to have some fun together!

*Prices are subject to change

(If you are signing up alone, ignore the first paragraph below.)

EMAIL ME THE NAME AND CONTACT INFO. OF THE PERSON YOU ARE TRAINING WITH. They have 24 hours to Venmo me their deposit of $160 as well.  

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Reviews from past clients:

"I became both physically and mentally stronger. I have seen how making time to work out also changes the course of my day. If I work out I am more productive and patient with myself and family. I have muscle definition that I didn't have at the beginning of the 8 weeks and that in itself has been motivating to stay with it! I have more options to get my exercise in other than just heading out for a run and I love it!!! I love the fact that I can do any of your circuits right at home while my kids play in the same room if needed!" -Amanda A.

"I felt more confident in my ability to weight train. I LOVED setting goals weekly, (LOVE those goal sheets you gave us) and felt really motivated by you Meg, as my example. You are amazing! I appreciate all the texts and positive words. After each session I always felt lighter, happier, and like I accomplished something. Thanks for sharing your light." -Kristen D.