Light It Up Challenge: 25 Days of Happiness and Health


Light It Up Challenge: 25 Days of Happiness and Health

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Looking for December to be your happiest, healthiest month yet? We're going to get a jumpstart on your new year's goals and the Light It Up challenge is going to do just that. By signing up for the Light It Up challenge, you will receive:

1. Daily challenges working toward better health

2. Two 20-40 minute at-home workouts each week from Dec. 1-25 (total of 7 workouts)/the only equipment you will need is a pair of dumbbells, a heavy resistance band, and a sturdy chair/step/bench.

3. One 60-minute GYM workout each week (total of 4 workouts) that will compliment the at-home workouts for a balanced week of amazing strength-training content.

3. A one week meal plan, macro-balanced for you with a grocery list included. You can use this any week in December that you need.

4. Accountability and a community that is working together to improve.

Challenge begins Sunday, December 2nd! You'll receive your first email that night because we start Monday morning on the 3rd and we are going to ROCK THE MONTH OF DECEMBER!! I can’t wait!!

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