about me:

hi, i'm meg. 

once upon a time... over four years ago, there was a cute boy 

who asked me the bravest question in the middle of the swiss alps.

he knelt on both knees

and held up the
prettiest pearl ring.

my answer to his question...?

"yes. a million times yes!"

...and then we did flips in the snow.

since then, our life together has brought  h a p p y  days, a blue-eyed + chubby-cheeked baby, and lots of laughter.


living by the mountains.

happiest with my baby on my hip, at the cabin by the lake, or on an adventure. 

lover of fresh peaches, backyard bbq's, sunshine, and exercise.

capturer of memories with film, photos, and words.

 always seeking a happy moment.



thanks for stopping by.

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