Terms and Conditions when joining Momstrong Move:

 I agree to the Terms of Service outlined here: By purchasing this subscription, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to be fully bound by the terms, conditions, assumptions of risk, and waivers included in this paragraph. You are under the laws of copyright and redistribution. Author(s) reserves all rights to the subscription and content provided to you. This subscription and weekly exercise videos are not to be reprinted, resold, or redistributed to friends, family or third parties, or copied in any way, without the prior written permission of Author(s). You acknowledge there are inherent risks with any form of exercise and that each person is unique and may have limitations (known or unknown). You agree to assume full responsibility and risk for any and all injuries or damages, directly or indirectly, known or unknown (collectively, the “Risks and Damages”) that you may incur as a result of or related to purchasing the subscription or applying, interpreting, or using any of the material, exercise programs or techniques described in such subscription. The Risks and Damages may include, without limitation, miscarriage, personal injury, complication to pregnancy, harm to child or fetus (born or unborn), heart attack, muscle strain, emotional or mental injury, or any type of bodily injuries or damages. You voluntarily and expressly waive any claim that you have or may have related in any way to the Risks and Damages and/or your use of the material involved in the subscription against Author(s). Without limiting any remedies available to Author(s), you are liable and agree to indemnify Author(s) for any Risks and Damages resulting to any party to whom you distribute the content of this subscription (whether authorized or unauthorized). You are hereby advised that before beginning this subscription and exercise program, you must and are responsible for receiving full medical clearance from a licensed physician. For purposes of this paragraph, (i) “you” refers to you, any born or unborn child (including, without limitation, an embryo or fetus), or any of your heirs or representatives, and (ii) “Author(s)” refers to the author(s) of the subscription, publisher of the subscription content, and its/their principals, agents, employees, owners, and consultants.