Total Body AMRAP


MY DUMBBELL IS CUTER THAN YOUR DUMBBELL. :) This is a little circuit my clients did as a finisher today, and it's one you've gotta try. An 8-minute AMRAP: As many rounds as possible within that 8 minutes. Four moves, going as fast as you can. We got through it 4x through- I dare someone to beat us!

1. 12 Weighted squat presses (baby is optional)

2. 12 sit-ups ... your choice

3. 30 second weighted wall sit

4. Four burpees

Repeat again and again without rest for 8 minutes. Let's gooooo!

Treadmill Circuit

A spicy 20-minute treadmill workout for you to try today! Trust me, you'll love this one!

Warm-up: 1-2 minutes slow jog (my speed: 4.5)


Set incline to 30

1. One minute sled push (hands down above track / treadmill is turned off and you are manually pushing the sled with your legs going as hard as you can go!)

2. 30 seconds, walk (my speed: 3) ... and keep that incline at 30!

3. 15 seconds rest

Repeat 3-4x through


Set incline to 3... just enough

One minute, speed 3.5 (slow walk/jog)

30 seconds, speed 8 (or run)

One minute, speed 4

30 seconds, speed 8

One minute, speed 4.5 (just increasing by 0.5 each time!)

30 seconds, speed 8

One minute, speed 5

30 seconds, speed 8

One minute, speed 5.5

30 seconds, speed 8

One minute, speed 6

30 seconds, speed 8

One minute, speed 6.5

30 seconds, speed 8

One minute, speed 7

30 seconds, speed 8

Rest. Walk it out. Cool down.


Bry's Whole Wheat Artisan Bread

Okay friends, this is a recipe we have been DYING to share with all of you. It's a family favorite, and Bry has officially been named "King of the Bread" over here. He has mastered this artisan bread, has now taught me how to make it, and it's something I know you'll fall in love with too. Follow the instructions carefully.



2 cups whole wheat flour

1 cup white flour

1 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. active dry yeast

2 cloves garlic, chopped into tiny pieces

1/2 tsp. rosemary

1 tsp. oregano

1 3/4 cup warm water (needs to be warm, and not hot)



*Tip: since this bread dough likes to sit for quite some time (8-24 hours), we make the dough the night before... it only takes about 5-10 minutes to prepare the dough, and then you let it sit overnight and prepare / bake it the next evening. 

1. In a medium/large bowl, combine all dry ingredients: flour, salt, yeast, garlic, rosemary, and oregano with a wooden spoon. No need for your Kitchen Aid or Bosch... mixing it by hand is key!

2. Next add the warm water as you mix and it will become a sticky lump of dough. You'll be questioning it big time at this point because it looks so sticky, but that's how you want it to look!

3. Seal plastic wrap tightly over the bowl and let it sit out on the counter for at least 8 hours, but no more than 24 hours. This is where we usually set it out and leave it overnight.

4. After it has rested for the 8-24 hours, and 90 minutes before serving time, you are going to put some flour on a clean countertop and scrape the sticky dough out of the bowl and onto the floured surface. With flour also on your hands, pull the outer edge of the ball of dough and tuck it into the top. Keep doing this on all sides. I don't know how else to explain it besides you pullllll and tuck over and over again. :) After 1-2 minutes of doing that, you'll tuck the final edge of dough into the middle and place that seam on the bottom.

5. Let the dough sit on the floured surface for 30 minutes and preheat oven to 450 degrees.

6. After the 30 minutes is up, take out a disposable aluminum foil pan (with higher sides), and make sure it's covered in cooking spray. With flour on your hands, carefully lift the ball of dough from the floured surface and place into the center of the pan. Dust the top very lightly with a pinch of flour and make an "X" with a sharp knife.

7. Cover the disposable aluminum foil pan with tin foil and place bread in oven for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, take the tin foil covering off and put back in the oven for an additional 10-15 minutes, or until the top is lightly browned and the outer edge is crispy.

8. Serve while warm and enjoy!


Cutting board, copper mugs, copper pitcher, and napkins/towels... all from Galley and Fen, one of my favorite local shops. 

Total Body

In celebration of my birthday this past week, here is TWENTY EIGHT: a circuit you've got to put on your to-do list this week! Write it down, tag your workout buddy, bring it to the gym, do it in your living room... wherever you do it- enjoy!

2 burpees

8 heavy goblet sumo squat pulses x 4 sets

2 burpees

8 plyo lunges x 4 sets

2 burpees

8 sumo squat curl + press

2 burpees

Repeat 2-3 rounds! Feel the burn!

Abs/Upper Body

A quick little burner for you:

Three moves working those shoulders and core. First round 10 reps of each, then 8 reps of each, 6, 4, 2. Repeat if you dare. I challenge you to end with 20 burpees today. ;) Let's GO!!

1. Tricep push-up pull-backs

2. Reverse crunches into kick-out

3. Plank X-Jumps

Good luck! Let's kick off another good day before the weekend!



Two easy moves become NOT SO EASY. My abs are feeling it big time. 3-4 times through. First round, 30 reps of each. Second round, 25 reps of each. Third round, 20 reps of each. Fourth round, 5 reps of each. Good luck! Even if you need to take breaks throughout your sets, go for the full 30/25/20/5 reps. You've got this!

1. Reverse crunches (let your abs do all the work!) straight into...

2. Normal crunches (eyes on the ceiling lifting straight up)

Good luck through all four sets. You'll be feeling it. 

Power Up Drink

During my "social media fast" last month, I was able to have some fun experimenting in the kitchen. This drink became my go-to each morning as I powered through my day. I am seriously hooked! If you're a green drink lover, this is one to add to your list!

Yields: 2 servings: ~108 calories each serving



1/2 frozen banana

1/2 granny smith apple, cored and sliced

1 cup water

1/2 lemon, squeezed

Huge handful of spinach

1 celery stalk

1/4 cucumber

1 Tbsp. hemp seeds

1/4 tsp. cinnamon

1/2 cup frozen blueberries *optional: don't stress if you don't have them. It's good with and without! (I like it best with them though!)


Combine all ingredients into a high power blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy cold and fresh!



Try this circuit for those legs of yours... It's a burner! Our home gym is getting a tiny little makeover soon, and I'm excited to show you once it's all done... but this Terra-Core by @teracorefitness, is something we've added to our equipment and loved. You can also use a regular bosu for these moves, or even modify without one, so enjoy!

1. weighted 5 bosu squat pulses into press, 8 reps (I held a 25# DB)

2. weighted bosu reverse lunges, 8-12 reps EACH leg (I used 12# DBs)

3. weighted bosu bulgarian split squats + curl, 8-12 reps EACH leg (I used 12# DBs)

4. bosu jump squats, 15 reps

5. bosu weighted bridges, 12-15 reps

6. KB swings *optional*, 15 reps (I sued 25# KB)

REPEAT CIRCUIT 2-3x through!! Good luck!

upper body

Loved this one today. Throw this circuit into the middle of your workout, or it would also be a great way to burn out at the end. I used 12# DBs the first time through, and 10# DBs the second time through for this, but feel free to change it up and modify as needed. Just wait to see what contraption Ellie set up during my workout... I just love my little exercise buddy.
First time through, one minute each move. 30 seconds rest in between moves.
Second time through, 30-45 seconds each move. 15 seconds rest in between moves.
1. sitting shoulder press, alternating sides
2. half arnold press
3.  tricep tomahawks
4. 4 chest presses into 4 chest flys
Good luck!! Let those arms burn!

Meg's Spinach Artichoke DiP + Milton's baked crackers

YUMMMMMMMO is all I'm gonna say.

Let me first tell you what inspired this recipe. I was walking through Sprouts one day and spotted these crackers on the shelf: Milton's Craft Bakers Crackers. I put them in my cart on a whim and was so surprised at how much I loved them when I opened them up at home. They're the perfect crispy + salty combo, and the dip options are endless. The next thing I knew, I saw them at Costco in a BIG bag, and my little toddler just about dove out of our cart to grab them. (We're a little obsessed over here.) After trying them with all sorts of dip (paired with cottage cheese is a must-try!), I decided I wanted to create my own lightened-up and healthy recipe for spinach artichoke dip. Because crackers and spinach artichoke dip? A match made in heaven.


The ingredients are simple and authentic: just like the crackers. I love that Milton's crackers are not only gluten free and Non GMO, but they contain 7 grains and 4 seeds in every bite. And the very best part? THEY ARE DELICIOUS. My favorite flavors are the "Everything," "Multi-Grain," and "Crispy Sea Salt." I find them here



1 cup packed spinach, chopped into tiny pieces

6.5 oz. can artichoke hearts, drained and chopped

1/2 c. shredded parmesan cheese

 A heaping 1/3 c. of mozzarella cheese

2/3 c. plain Greek yogurt

1 tsp. minced garlic

1/2 tsp. basil

1/2 tsp. garlic salt

1/2 tsp. lemon juice

Milton's Craft Bakers Crispy Sea Salt Crackers


1. Heat oven to 375 degrees. While it's heating up, mix the chopped spinach, artichokes, and two cheeses in a small bowl.

2. In a separate small bowl, whisk the yogurt, minced garlic, basil, garlic salt, and lemon juice together. Add the yogurt mix to the spinach mix and stir to combine.

3. Spray an 8x8 baking pan with olive oil nonstick spray and pour the mixture in. Even it out in the bottom of the pan. 

4. Bake dip for 20-25 minutes or until the cheese is bubbly and starting to brown around the edge.

5. Enjoy warm pair with your crackers.

It can't be beat! Enjoy!



Ouchhh to my butt and legs this morning. Give this a try! It's a burner.

-Weighted Bulgarian split squats (I was holding 25#), 3 sets of 8 reps on EACH leg

-Bench crossovers, four sets of 10 reps each leg

-30 Banded low slides

-30 seconds jumping squats

-1 minute recover

-30 seconds squat jumps

-1 minute recover

-30 seconds squat jumps (and my legs are DEAD)

-30 Banded leg lifts each side

-30 Banded fire hydrants, each side

-30 Banded low slides

-20 plyo lunges to burnout.

SHAKY LEGS. Make sure to tag me in your #momstrong workouts. Happy Wednesday!