Ensign Peak

Location: Trailhead starts about a mile north of the State Capitol. There's a road northeast of the capitol building that is called East Capitol Boulevard. Take that through a residential area until you can turn left on North Sandrun Rd. When you drive just a little ways, the road forks, and in the middle is an LDS church building. You take the right fork which runs north of (behind) the church. The trailhead is marked on the north side of the road and is easily identifiable.

Distance: 0.9 miles, ~364 feet elevation gain

Difficulty: Easy

This is one the kids can all do!

Dogs on a leash ARE allowed

This peak holds a special memory for me after doing a combined MOMSTRONG hike with @knowhowmomtips back in September. Georgia, who runs that account, is a knowledgable and uplifting woman who wants to help everyone around her. She is a Certified Active Parenting Instructor, Gottman Trained Educator, and Trainer for the Protective Factors for Strengthening Families. She also works part time as a massage therapist and family educator, volunteers as a doula at University Hospital, and is a loving wife, mother, stepmother, mother-in-law, and grandmother to 28 people she adores.

Talk about a cool lady, right!? I had the opportunity to lead this hike with her and give a mini lesson on nutrition at the top, while she did her mini lesson on strengthening relationships. It was an awesome turnout, and so fun to teach on a mountain top! Just wish I could teach all my classes from a peak that high. Wouldn't that be a dream!?