Stewart Falls

The sun is still out! Use those hiking trails while you still can! We just did this trail on Saturday and there is still no snow. I thought that even thought the colorful leaves had already fallen, it was still gorgeous. I can only imagine what this trail is like during the fall!! This is a kid-friendly and dog-friendly hike. Get out and give it a try!

Located near Sundance, UT

Distance: 4.2 miles RT, climbing ~1245 feet

Difficulty: Easy

Available: June - November

Dogs ARE allowed

I am excited to try this hike again next fall when the leaves are bright and colorful. It was an easy hike to the falls, and I was surprised by how beautiful the actual falls were. The waterfall has two tiers, and is over 200 feet tall. There is a spot to climb up to the upper falls, but the way up is slippery and I've heard from many people you have to be pretty careful. We just stayed at the bottom and enjoyed the view from there. The trail was well-marked and winds you through a forest on the east side of Mt. Timpanogos. There are restrooms at the trailhead, and also a place for a picnic. I thought overall it was a great hike and one I'd do again!

The negative things about this trail was that it cost us $6 just to park. We didn't realize the parking lot was right after the pay booth, and so next time we'll just park lower down and walk up to the trailhead so we don't have to pay.  Also, this trail was heavily trafficked! Even in early November! Even though there were many people on the trail, I didn't feel like it was overcrowded. It is spaced out nicely at the falls. Hope you get to go enjoy it before the snow rolls in.