P.F. Chang's Copycat Lettuce Wraps

Here's the deal. I love P.F. Chang's lettuce wraps. They're salty. They're greasy. They're crisp. 

But here's the other thing: I can't handle greasy food the way I used to. So, I went hunting for the perfect recipe that satisfied both my taste buds, and my stomach. These lettuce wraps hit the spot every singe time. They leave you feeling satisfied, refreshed, and happy about life. Only using ONE pot, this recipe is quick, easy, and GLUTEN FREE too!

Plus, they're only ~260 calories per serving  (Serving size = 3 wraps), compared to 640 per serving at P.F. Chang's (And that's just your starter there... Yikes!)... also with a THIRD of the fat, and a THIRD of the carbs.

Convinced yet!? Amazing.

After getting almost 40 messages last night immediately after I posted the video of making these on Instagram, I knew I had to hurry and share the goodness.

Hope you enjoy!


Serves: 4


1 lb. ground chicken breast, or lean ground beef (*I've tried both and love them both!)

1/2 onion, diced or minced

salt & pepper, to taste

2 garlic cloves, minced

1" knob ginger, peeled & minced

2-1/2 Tbsp. gluten-free Tamari or soy sauce (*I use my Liquid Aminos here)

1 Tbsp + 1 tsp rice vinegar

1 Tbsp. sesame oil

1 Tbsp. raw peanut butter

1/2 Tbsp. water

1/2 Tbsp. raw honey

1-2 teaspoons chili garlic sauce (I like it with 1 tsp.)

3 green onions, chopped

1/2-8oz can sliced water chestnuts, drained & chopped (*optional)

1/4 cup peanuts, chopped

10-12 large outer iceberg lettuce leaves, rinsed and patted dry


1. Heat a large, non-stick skillet on high. Add chicken, onion, salt & pepper, then cook until chicken is nearly done, stirring often to break up the meat. Add garlic and ginger then continue cooking until chicken is no longer pink.

2. Meanwhile, in a small microwave-safe bowl, combine gluten-free Tamari or soy sauce, rice vinegar, oil, peanut butter, water, honey, chili garlic sauce and pepper. Microwave for 20-30 seconds, then stir until smooth. Add into the skillet and stir to combine.

3. Add green onions and water chestnuts into the skillet then cook for 1-2 minutes until the onions are soft and the water chestnuts are heated through.
Sprinkle with chopped peanuts, and serve with cold lettuce leaves.

Recipe modified only slightly from here.