Cecret Lake

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Distance:  2 miles RT to lake ~390 feet

Difficulty: Easy

Available: June-September

Dogs ARE NOT allowed

If you're looking for the perfect family hike, Cecret Lake is one you CANNOT beat. My family grew up going to this lake every year, with a tradition of bringing up warm cinnamon rolls, and always eating them on the same rock that jets out into the lake. I hope to continue the tradition of hiking it every year with my little family. Also, the end of July is my favorite time to go because of all the wildflowers that come popping out in Albion Basin. It's literally jaw-dropping. My husband knows I like to take a million pictures during this time of year, because I'm squealing, "oooh-ing," and ahhh-ing" the entire time. It's too pretty not to share these pics, so enjoy.

We decided it would be the perfect time to take up a favorite tin-foil dinner recipe and eat it warm by the lake while we talked. Find that here. Wishing now I could hit a "replay" button on that night, because everything about it brought me so much joy. I love being in these mountains- especially these ones. It's so fun to see and explore the trails that get covered up by snow every year.