Willow Heights

Three years ago, my cousins told us about a "hidden gem" up Big Cottonwood Canyon. They said it was a hike not many people knew about, and that we absolutely needed to go. We ended up loving it so much that we didn't want to tell anyone else about it because it felt like our own little secret spot.

But now, word is out! This hike has become more and more popular each year. It's one of our very favorites and I want you to all enjoy it too. We have backpacked in multiple times to camp overnight, and it has become a favorite tradition. My favorite time to actually do this hike, is in mid-September, so you will all have to go soon. The lake turns into a colorful watercolor painting, and the air is super crisp. It can't be beat!

Big Cottonwood Canyon

Distance:  2.5 miles round trip, ~675 feet elevation

Difficulty: Moderate

Accessible May-December

Dogs ARE NOT allowed

It was so fun to go through my pictures for the last three years and collect some favorites from this hike. We have such fond memories up there with good friends, and I'm glad so many women could come to the last Momstrong hike this past week too. Enjoy. :)


I'll definitely be visiting you again in September, Willow Lake. Until next time!