Ellie is one

How is my baby one!? It's something so cliche and we hear it all the time... but really, where does time go? That question stumps me every time.

Ellie is everything happy.

One year ago, I held Bry's hand in our quiet hospital room hours before she entered the world. I handed him a hand-written letter that I wanted him to read right before she came. In it, I listed reasons why I loved him and specific things I appreciated about him throughout my pregnancy.  We were nervous, excited, grateful... all of the above. There was uncertainty as to how life would be with another person in it. As silly as it is in retrospect, I worried about him having to share his love and attention between two girls, instead of just one. There were many uncertainties. But mostly, we were ready; ready for the new adventure ahead.

At 7:51 am she came as bright and early as the sun. Our little Ellie Kate, whose name means "shining light." The moment she arrived, nothing else has mattered since. There's no possible way to adequately describe child birth without me getting emotional and teary-eyed the whole way through. If I could relive one day, it would be that one. It was pure magic, and my heart grew ten sizes in only an instant. Both Bry and I were so overcome with love, we held her in our arms and the tears didn't stop. Truly there is nothing more fulfilling to me, than being a mother.

So here we are, one year later.

Let me tell you about my Ellie girl.

Ellie has one snaggle tooth poking out from her bottom gums, she squeals with excitement every time she sees a "Da!" (Doggie), I will often spy on her when I find her reading books to herself, her big blue eyes are filled with wonder, she lights up any room, she loves being around other kids, she has a curious soul, she is obsessed with Bry's water bottle (or any water bottle for that matter), she has become the biggest distraction at church, she clings to teddy bears and stuffed animals everywhere she goes, she loves snuggling her face into her pink blankie, she is not a picky eater, she comes with us on all our adventures, and she has a shy and sweet countenance.

She is our world right now.

A few nights before her first birthday, I took her out on the front porch and I told her about the sky. "Moon," I'd say, and point my finger at the glowing globe. She looked at the moon, and then back at the stars; at the moon, and back at the stars. Then tilting her head toward the sky ever so slightly, she lifted her finger and pointed at the bright moon as she whispered, "Wowwww." We then proceeded to "wow" and "ahhh" the sky together.  I hope she always has her eyes on the moon. She will do amazing things.

Her birthday is a day I wish I could have bottled up to save on the shelf for whenever I wanted to relive it again. We had an early birthday breakfast and I showed her this video I made for her; a summary of her first year. Of course I was in tears and shambles the whole time, but she watched it all the way through and wanted to watch it a second time through. It brings back so many good memories for me, and it's amazing to see how much she has grown. We then got all ready for a hike up Big Cottonwood Canyon, and spent the afternoon enveloped among the colorful trees. We cut time just a littttttle bit too close because by the time we were home we only had about an hour to pull her birthday party together. But it turned out so fun. Both of our families came to BBQ and celebrate the birthday girl. She so daintily touched her smash cake (I thought she was going to go crazy for it) and didn't seem too interested in the whole idea, but we had so much fun celebrating her and being with the people we love most. 

So, here's the video. Enjoy. Beneath it is her birth video for those that have never seen it- I compiled some video from the days we were in the hospital and first couple days home. It's fun to watch these two back to back to see how much she has changed.

Love you forever, darling Ellie Kate.

And then her birth story...