Sweet Lake Biscuits and Limeade

A new restaurant on 1700 South and 54 West in SLC that you have to try!

I had an awesome opportunity to sit down for lunch today with a whole bunch of cool women/bloggers involved in amazing things. It was inspiring to sit with them and talk about what each person was working on. The best part about social media and blogging is definitely the people that I get to meet. I loved this place so much, I thought I'd do a quick review so you can go enjoy it too.

We got to talk with the owners and the chefs today, and it's always fun hearing the back story to these types of places. The owners Hasen and Teri used to sell limeade and other things at the downtown farmer's market every summer. They became so popular, they dreamt of opening up a restaurant, and finally took the leap to bricks and mortar this past summer to sell everyone's favorite things year round. Hasen and his friends literally built this building over about a year, and did most of the framing/construction/design themselves. So cool, right!?

The most popular items here are their traditional style biscuits and gravy. This week is "National Biscuits and Gravy Week", so it's probably something you gotta try ASAP... just sayin'. The owner talked about how the chef prepares the gravy, and it is quite the laborious process. He also said the chef went and studied the art of making biscuits, and so they literally are perfection. I was impressed with how carefully the menu was organized and how delicious all of the options ended up tasting. You definitely can't go wrong here. I got the Mint Limeade and St. Francis (Open-faced sourdough, asparagus, egg, parmesan, arugula, olive oil)... basically toast that was sent from heaven. You all know how I love my toast. And I'm not just saying this... I will be craving that mint limeade until I get to go again. It was so refreshing and all limeades were sweetened with organic cane sugar. The owner said they made that original limeade recipe 13 years ago and it's still the favorite today. SO GOOD YOU GUYS. 

Also, one more thing. If you go there and get a chance to meet the chef Bradley, he is literally the nicest human you'll ever meet. It took only one second to realize how genuine, outgoing, and energetic he was. He is passionate about what he does, and it shows. Give him a shout out for me when you go!