29 weeks

Here's the update for those interested.

Biggest craving right now:

Do I dare say it? Hot chocolate from 7-11 haha! I crave this stuff DAILY, and sometimes it takes everything in me to not run grab some. I've been trying to resist the best I can, but every now and again, it just hits the spot.

Baby is the size of:

An acorn squash. So crazy! I love watching my belly right now because he's big enough to make some funny movements that you can see on the outside, but not too big for just the overall belly roll yet. Around 10:00 at night, he starts to move and poke around so much, you'd think I had a little monster inside of me trying to get out. Bry and I laugh so hard watching my belly dance at night.

Weight gain:

12 pounds and growing. With Ellie, I gained a lot of my baby weight in third trimester as the baby was needing to gain more fat, and so we'll see how it goes this time around. Happy to have a healthy baby and not worried about putting on some more pounds these coming weeks. #gainz

Funny pregnancy moments:

Honestly, the stares I get at the gym are probably the funniest to me. I walk in the weight room with my belly protruding out, and everyone's eyes just kind of widen when I start throwing weights around. I'm sure people are thinking all sorts of different things, but I am feeling SO happy to be able to train and to continue to move the way I am. 

How I'm feeling now:

I am feeling so strong right now. I definitely have those moments where negative thoughts start to creep in (because there are times when I just feel "huge" and super stretched), but overall, I've been able to live in a really positive space full of body positivity and gratitude. I have maintained my muscle mass (and maybe even have gotten stronger) thanks to weight lifting, and I feel like my recovery is going to be even better this time around because of it. I am more out of breath when it comes to cardio, but I'm able to push through most weight training days just fine, with modifications where I need to, and longer rest periods. I am feeling SO grateful to be able to move at this point, and I am planning on continuing to train until my body tells me no.