Weekly Goal Sheet

If you've followed along for a while now, you know how much goal-setting is a part of my life, and how important it is to me. Each and every week with my clients, we make goals around a healthier lifestyle and we work toward them.  I wanted you to have access to the same goal sheet I use with them. Click on the link below to download or print for free!

Let me explain how this works.

At the top of the sheet is a place for three weekly goals. I let my clients choose ANYTHING THEY WANT and write them down. These goal can be anything from "30 grams or less of added sugar each day" to "clean out my car" to "exercise 5x this upcoming week." They can be physical, mental, spiritual, or miscellaneous goals.

In the boxes underneath labeled with the days of the week... this is where we write in our exercise plan. What we're going to do to get out and MOVE each day. I always plan in two rest days (usually Sunday and Wednesday), and then write in the rest of my week. It can be as complex as writing in your exact workout at the gym, to just "Arm day" or "TRX class." It helps to write things down and hold yourself accountable.

Underneath the chart are four rows of circles. These circles are circles we cross off once we've completed each of the four categories to the side: "EXERCISE," "UPLIFT," "NUTRITION," and "SLEEP." Once you've exercised for the day, you cross off or fill in the circle. "Uplift" is for anything that is going to boost your mental/spiritual health. This can be anything from doing 3 positive affirmations each day, to scripture, to meditation, to prayer, to listening to an uplifting podcast, to finding five minutes to sit and breathe. Whenever you feel you've done something to uplift your day, you cross that off. "Nutrition" can be crossed off when you've done your best to be conscious of your food choices throughout the day. If you have a more specific nutrition goal for the week, you can cross it off if you've completed it. In order to cross off the "sleep" circles, it means you've gotten in 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Sleep is the best supplement! Your body needs it to fully recover, and it's the reason I stress the importance of it with my clients.

I hope you this will help you to get organized and turn your goals into action. Good luck and let me know if you have questions!