Please try this! Best glutes circuit of the week! Grab your heavy resistance band, put it right above your knees, and get to work!

1. One minute banded steps, moving in a backwards/forwards zig zag pattern

2. One minute banded side steps, left to right

3. Airplane squat pulses, 8-10 reps each leg. These look funny, but HOLY cow they are hard and burn like mad. Keep the leg in the air pulled outward away from your body as much as possible while doing 8-10 squat pulses on standing leg. Switch sides.

4. 30 seconds banded jump squats

5. One minute of this pattern: 4 banded forward marches + 2 lateral marches on each side

Repeat 2-3x through. You are welcome to modify the amount of time for each move, if it gets too difficult. Good luck!