Healthier Packaged Snacks

Whole, one-ingredient foods always come first in our "snack lineup", but stuffing carrots and berries in the purse doesn't always go over so well.  Here are some other options for healthier snacks on the go when you're in a pinch. (Tap the photo for sources)

@noosayoghurt - our fave. Top with fresh fruit or 1/4 c. @naturespathorganic "Love Crunch" organic granola (made with organic cocoa, flax, and coconut)... Dark chocolate (the one that is linked here, is our favorite!)

@eatwholly guacamole minis. Clean ingredients and only 45 calories per serving. Pair with @stacys original pita chips for a good combo.

Trail mix- most grocery stores have mixes they've put together for you, and I love giving them a try! This one from @mysmithsgrocery has raw almonds, raisins, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, and peanuts

 The Laughing Cow creamy Swiss light cheese + Almond nut-thins. Yum. You've gotta try this!

 @annieshomegrown bunny grahams. Portion these out or else you'll want to eat the entire bag!

Organic raisins: Ellie eats these by the double-handful. 

@gogosqueeze: our fave. These always seem to save the day.

Pistachios: so so good. But careful! These are not the thing to give one of your littles unless they chew well on their own.

Fruit strips, fruit leathers... a diaper bag must-have.

What are your favorite healthier packaged snacks?