I know nothing beats the banana dumbbells from last video, but I swear to you this circuit is a BURNER. My clients and I were dripping sweat by the time it was over this morning. Give it a try! If you have the option of moving up weight in dumbbells, challenge yourself and go heavier!

1. Plyo lunges with DB row, 8-10 reps (burnnnn!)

2. 20 squat pulses holding DB

3. DB press burpees, 8-10 reps

4. 15 squat pulses holding DB

5. 20# body bar squats *For those that don't have access to a barbell, just hold something heavier... a child will work in this scenario)

6. 10 squat pulses holding DB

7. heavy KB swings, 25#, 8-10 reps (*For those without a KB, use a heavier DB)

REPEAT 2-3x through.

Good luck! Tag me when you're finished! @momstrongutah