Give this total body circuit a try! It's a great warm-up, or great finisher. Put it to the test!

-Perform each move for 1 minute. After two moves, rest for 15-30 seconds depending on how much time it takes for that heart rate to come down just a little bit in between.

1. Side to side clean and press with heavier DB

2. Long jump, plank, walk-ins (watch video)

REST 15-30 seconds

3. Bosu jacks

4. Bosu burpess

REST 15-30 seconds

5. Reverse lunge DB pass-throughs

6. Walking weighted lunges

REST 15-30 seconds

7. Wide to narrow push-ups

8. Tricep kickbacks, using 5-10# DBs

Repeat 2x! The second time through, decrease your rest period slightly. If you were resting for 30 seconds the first round through, go for 20 the second time through. Good luck!!