18 weeks

This last week my belly has really started to pop, and I'm feeling an overwhelming gratitude for the opportunity to carry a baby.... BOY. 

For those who missed our baby reveal video, I will post a few pictures below. One of my best friends offered to make two cakes to reveal the baby gender to us, and we decided a cake smash was going to be the best way to reveal the surprise. How often is it that you get to smash a cake in your lover's face? I was so set on it being another girl, I was absolutely shocked and thrilled when I saw the blue cake and frosting all over my face. We could not be more excited to welcome a boy into our family come January of next year. YAY for boys!

Biggest craving right now:

Peaches and milk duds. Honestly, what is up with milk duds haha...? But yes, I went to the store to get them this past week, and have you ever tried putting them in the fridge? YUM. 

Baby is the size of:

An artichoke. 6.7 oz and 5.59 inches. Baby has doubled in weight since my last update. So crazy! I honestly can't wait for our big, official ultrasound in a couple weeks. I still haven't felt any kicks or movement, but hopefully in the coming weeks I'll feel him take a few jabs. 

Weight gain:

4 pounds and growing. My weight gain has been nice and steady, and I'm loving seeing that bump start to pop and grow.

Funny pregnancy moments:

I don't have anything particularly funny to share with this update, but instead, I'll share something sweet. Ellie is starting to become really interested in my bump. She loves to give it kisses already, and softly rubs her hands over it as she says, "Baby in mama's tummy." I get the butterflies to think of her as an older sister, and know she's going to be giving that babe lots of kisses and hugs when he comes. 

How I'm feeling now:

Mentally, I'm feeling strong. After seeing that baby move around with a healthy heart at our last ultrasound, it gave me a lot of confidence. I am embracing each stage of the baby's growth, but ready for this weather to cool down just a little bit.

Physically, I'm feeling strong. I am still finding energy, but loving my mid-day naps with Ellie. I found myself starting to take breaks more often to catch my breath this last week while training, but otherwise feeling really strong. I am recognizing the need for more hydration and more calories each day. Bring it on!

Welcoming 19 weeks with enthusiasm and positivity!