Legs: Postpartum

An easy-does-it circuit for my postpartum ladies... or up the reps and repeat 4-5x through if you want to/are able to work those legs harder! I repeated this circuit 3x through at one week postpartum, and it felt just right. As everyone is very different in their postpartum healing, listen to that body of yours. When it feels right to involve some more movement other than walking, start with something nice and easy like this. Each week, I'll be adding a little bit more movement in as it feels right. Still no heavy weights, running, or fast-paced movement. Nothing that will push me too far, but just enough that I feel my body is still getting the movement it needs while healing.


10 Air squats

10 Squats with back kicks

10 Squat pulses

10 Diagonal slides

10 Track starts to knee thrusts, each leg

Repeat once, twice or 4-5x through. Whatever feels best!