A glutes/leg/hamstrings workout for you today! Give it a try!! You can do it without a resistance band as well.

1. Slow squat into 10 pulses. Lower slowly, and then pulse 10x before coming back up. Do this 5 times through... and yes, it will burn.

2. 10 Plyo lunges (or regular lunges to modify)

3. Squat walks- 10 tiny steps back and 10 tiny steps forward

4. 8 Plyo lunges

5. 10 Straight leg lifts on hands and knees into 10 side-to-side leg lifts, then SWITCH legs

6. 6 Plyo lunges

7. 10 Hamstring pull-ins using physio ball into 10 inclined glute bridges (I LOVE using a physio ball for these! It will make the move more complex involving different muscles)

8. 4 Plyo lunges

9. 10 Weighted squats with banded leg kickbacks, 10 EACH LEG

Phew! Repeat entire circuit 2-3x through and then stretch those wobbly legs out!