Postpartum Recovery

Three weeks postpartum update: each day, I spend at least 30 minutes walking on a slight incline, and a good solid 20-30 minutes doing recovery exercises/stretching. I've already seen progress in my diastasis recti, and I think it's on it's way to fully closing. Here are some new movements I began incorporating today... Good for diastasis, and good for pelvic floor recovery. Just note that this video is sped up. TAKE THESE SLOW. The focus is always in breathing and contracting those innermost abdominal muscles, your transverse abdominis, and internal oblique abdominal muscles. Hope you give them a try! Repeat the whole circuit 2-3x through, with 8-12 reps for each movement:

1. Side plank lift with knees down, both sides

2. Side plank lift with legs out, both sides

3. Kneeling in-and-out leg lifts, both legs

4. Kneeling leg lifts, both legs

5. Bridge singe leg holds... up in a bridge position, you'll bring one leg up in the air until it's parallel to the other, and hold for 2 seconds before switching sides

6. Side oblique pulls... the focus is NOT on the center abdominal muscles, but only the obliques on the side. Focus on those muscles without putting any tension or strain up your midline.