Now that my diastasis recti has closed, and my abs are healed, it's time to work CORE. I'm so happy to be working on strengthening my core again as it helps with my lower back and every other movement I do while lifting. It's always a good idea to strengthen your core, ladies! It aids in almost everything, from posture, to preventing injury, to stabilization. Here is a fun circuit from yesterday's at home workout. Each move for 30-45 seconds with 10-15 seconds rest in between. Repeat 2-3x through.

1. Knee to Elbow Crunches holding weight

2. Weighted Russian Twists: a toddler works great for this one ;)

3. Side plank clams, both sides

4. Slow weighted sit-ups

5. Plank leg lifts

6. Plank hold - up this one to 1 minute if you can!

7. Low plank hip dips

Remember to repeat 2-3x through. If you performed each move for 30 seconds the first time through, try for 45 seconds the second time through. Good luck!