Total Body

Before you go anywhere, I'd advise you take some notes when Ellie does her burpees. :) This ia a workout you can do anywhere! Bry and I did it in Lake Powell one evening (and thought we were going to die - it was 100 degrees), but it's modifiable for all fitness levels. It's the 5-10-15-20 challenge. I DARE you to try to get through it five times. 

Here is goes: 

5 pull-ups (modified version shown, or use the assisted pull-ups machine at the gym)

10 push-ups (also can be modified on knees)

15 burpees (I can't get enough of Ellie's burpees!!!)

20 lunges

Repeat 3-5x through. If you get through it 5x, you're my hero. If you get through it even once, you're still my hero. :) Get moving today!