Partner Workout

Tomorrow I'm running @spartan with my favorite guy. When I married Bry, he loved to ski and play soccer, but he wasn't a regular exerciser at all. Over time, he's watched me wake up early, get to the gym, and before I knew it, he was doing the same thing. I've watched him notice the changes within himself as he's started to exercise regularly. Not just physical, but he's felt more productive at work, happier, more motivated, more confident... and now he's the one pulling ME out of the bed to get to the gym. I'm so dang proud of him. This will be his second race ever tomorrow, and you bet I'm going to be right there by his side crossing the finish line with him.

Sometimes all it takes for someone to get motivated is BELIEF. Belief is irresistible. So tag your gym buddy and give this new workout a try.

Partner sweat sesh: Let your partner choose their first circuit... Bry wanted to work chest. While he did his thing, this is what I did...

1. Treadmill for one minute, fast run into 

2. Upside down bosu weighted squats with a press (I was holding 30#)

3x through



1. Tricep extensions, 3x20

2. Tricep kickbacks, 3x15


Handstands while I waited for him to finish chest. ;)


Then together:

1. 30 reps, Partner med ball sit-ups

2. 8 Mountain Climbers + 1 pushup while other partner holds a plank, then switch! Stop when you've done 8 total rounds switching off

3. Partner wall sits with med ball toss, 1 minute and then switch

2x through


A challenge to end: Tandem push-ups...  try at your own risk, and I dare you to do them without laughing