Kure Juice Bar, Portland

We made it to Portland yesterday, and the rain hasn't stopped us one bit from soaking in and enjoying this beautiful city. Yesterday's lunch was so dreamy I had to write up a review before going to bed last night.  K U R E is a juice bar I'd recommend to any of my health-conscious foodies out there. They have a few locations in Portland with the one on 12th Ave. (on West End) in Portland being their biggest and "best" location because it offers more on the menu than the others... I'm hoping they'll make it to SLC soon! Put this on your list when you visit the PNW!

I fully support places like this who make a conscious effort to use whole, real, and fresh ingredients in their food! We got the "Extra Mile" and "Lady of the Day" smoothie, and the Mission Macro Bowl. I am still dreaming of the "Extra Mile" smoothie and the combination of ingredients in that Macro Bowl. Those two were my favorite.

Thank you for helping me find the KURE!!

Their ingredients were fresh and whole, and I felt so good after eating there. I've been better at listening to my body lately... trying to really notice how I'm feeling at all times. I feel like I'm becoming better at recognizing when my stomach is hungry, when it's perfectly satisfied, and to stop eating before it gets "too full." It's always easy to over-eat on vacation, especially when we're going out to eat more often than usual. But here are a few tips that have helped me as I try to eat better on vacation:

Five tips for a healthier vacation:

1. Take a pit stop at the grocery store, and plan a few meals "in."

Bry and I do this every time we travel. Not only are we always trying to save some money on food when we travel, but it helps us to eat a little bit better too. We stopped at Target before getting to our hotel, and loaded up on healthy snacks and some food items we could eat for certain meals. When you plan to eat some meals in, rather than going out for every meal, it puts you in control on a few meals and this is where you can fit in some good, nutritious food.

2. Stick with water while out and about, and choose to walk!

It's easy to want soda or juice when you're out to eat, but try sticking to water only with your meals. This way, you'll save yourself from consuming too many unnecessary calories/sugar, and it will actually help you to enjoy the food better too. Plus, it's free! (The times we've been to Europe, we always forget how grateful we are for free water in the states!)

Also, so many cities and places we travel to, allow for public transit or opportunities for walking. Parking in Portland has been a little bit of a nightmare at times, and so we tend to find a spot a little further out, and have chosen to walk. Not only do you get some good exercise in this way, but your body will be metabolizing your food at a faster rate as well.

3. Listen to your body.

This is something that has taken a lot of practice, but I feel like I slowly have acquired a good feel for my body and for when I need to eat/when I'm truly satisfied. If we go out to breakfast and I feel like I've had a bigger meal to start the day, I lighten it up at lunch, etc. Yesterday I wasn't feeling something too heavy, and Kure Juice Bar filled my belly without making me feel overly full. I felt like I got just what my body needed, and it energized me until dinner. This takes practice, so start now!

4. Enjoy your splurges and know what you can give up.

We had a few dessert recommendations here that we knew we couldn't pass up. One, being Voodoo Doughnuts, and the other being Salt and Straw Ice Cream (which I can't wait to try tonight!) We passed a lot of other "treat-shops" throughout our day, but it was easy to give those up when we knew we were saving our appetites for something we had been looking forward to. If you plan your treats ahead of time, it gives you more reason to abstain from other things throughout your day, and makes it that much more exciting when you get to sink your teeth into a maple cake doughnut, (or fruit loops-glazed doughnut!!). Trust me, we LOVE our treats around here, but it's more fun when we know we've held out for them! And yes, these doughnuts were amazing, in case you were wondering. ;)

5. Don't be afraid to split an entree.

Most restaurants have servings sizes that can be up to double (or more!) of what you should actually be eating. Bry and I will often split an entree, or even just get a "side" as our main meal. Again, another money-saver, and keeps our stomachs more content.

Happy travels!