We recently road-tripped it down to Moab for some hiking/camping. We love our spontaneous adventures, and Bry and I have made a pact to never stop adventuring- even with kids. The nights were freezing, and poor Ellie froze her cheeks off ;) but the sun came out during the day and warmed us right back up again. I love camping when it involves tin-foil dinners and campfires at night, star-gazing, snuggling in sleeping bags, hikes, and some sunshine. 

If you're ever headed that way and looking for somewhere fun to camp, we camped in a place not too far after you pass through town, called "Behind the Rocks." There were fun motorcycling/jeeping trails to explore, and the kids had fun running around the campsite and climbing the rocks. I highly recommend it! As far as a fun family-friendly hike, Delicate Arch in Arches National Park is a must. It is quick, not too steep for the kiddos, and the view is worth the climb! Something about being amongst towering red rocks and natural arches, never gets old.

Also, if you are looking for a durable and high-quality backpack, we invested in the Osprey Poco Plus Kid Carrier, and have LOVED it. Ours is the year-old version, and we found a screamin' deal on a while back, but it is worth every penny! Comes with a sun shade, extra storage underneath the seat, and Ellie loves being in it. She sings and talks, "kaw, kaw, kawwwwww" everywhere we go. Definitely worth looking into if you're thinking about getting one!