Sugar House Park

If you are into picnic-ing as much as I am, you will want to add Sugar House Park to your list!  This park gives you everything you'll need to create a memorable day. From a running/walking trail and road, to basketball courts, to soccer and baseball fields, to picnic areas, to reading benches, to pavilions, to volleyball courts, to playgrounds, to fun hills to play on, this park has it all! Give it a try.

The track around the park is ~1.38 miles, and has a really wide lane for walkers/bicyclists/cross-country ski trainers/runners.  If you walk the full perimeter of the park, including Highland High School, the distance is ~1.9 miles.  

Ellie loves this park so much because usually it involves walking/jogging with one of our favorite friends, and also getting to watch the ducks afterward. I love sitting her on my lap and watching as she flaps her arms and squeals when they come near. Oh El, please don't grow up any time soon.

To get there:

This park is located between I-80, 2100 South, 1300 East, and 1700 East in the Sugar House neighborhood of Salt Lake City, Utah


7 am- 10 pm every single day in the summer, and 7 am-9 pm in the winter.