Eating healthy on the go!

With guest:  Elizabeth Dall

Ah, summer. A time to kick your feet up, relax, and enjoy all that the warm weather has to offer. Wait a minute. Raise your hand if summer sometimes feels busier than the school year! You are either heading out on your next vacation, driving to your next summer camp or activity, swimming all day, or attending another fun summer BBQ.

Summer means we cook less and play more! When you’re on the run, it’s often hard to get your kids the nutrition they need. Always being on the go, means needing quick, healthy options available at any time. Use the following guide to help you have easy, ready-to-eat snacks for those days you’re constantly on the go.

5 steps for eating healthy on the run:

1. Get a small cooler

Food just tastes better when it’s not warm, mushy, and melted. Invest in a small cooler that can be stored in the back of your car. Every day, add an ice pack and load up your food. It will be good to go all day!

2. Protein/snack bars

Ok, I’m not a huge fan of protein bars, but there are several options out there that don’t taste like cardboard! Having a quick protein bar can fill tummies quickly by providing good amounts of nutrition. When looking for a snack bar, try to find ones that meet the following:  >10 grams protein, <10 grams sugar, and <150 calories.

3. Nuts/granola

Try out these delicious and easy energy bites that kids can make and can be stored for a quick snack the entire week! Nuts are a great source of protein and good fat. Plus, they can be stored anywhere for a long time! Always have a bag of nuts in your car, your purse, or at home. Try out some of the following nut/dry food options:  Almonds, Peanuts, Walnuts, Pecans, dried fruit, Trail mix.

4. Fruits & veggies

We all know getting our kids’ fruits and veggies in can be tough. But, kids are more likely to eat them when they can take bites as they play. So, next time you’re at the grocery store, pick 2-3 fruits/veggies that you can cut up and store in containers for a quick grab-and- go snack.

(quick tip: if you want to keep cut up apples fresh, drizzle some lemon juice on them!)

5. Water

Water is ESSENTIAL. Especially in the heat. Get each kid their own water bottle they can carry around with them. Thermos-type water bottles often keep water colder longer, but you can also put ice in them at the beginning of the day. If you have room in your cooler, store them in there.

Spend 15 minutes at the beginning of each week putting your snacks together and you will be ready for the ENTIRE week! Don’t forget to grab the energy bites handout and have a fabulous summer!


[Elizabeth Dall is a wellness coach by day and a mom by day and night. She received her masters degree from the University of Utah in Exercise Physiology and wellness coaching in 2012. Throughout her career in the field of corporate wellness she has helped hundreds of women reach their health and wellness goals. With a growing family of her own, Elizabeth uses her expertise and real-life experiences to help mothers and women find a healthier balance at home. Her current projects include easy meal planning for busy moms and helping women develop greater self-compassion for their bodies while also building a better relationship with food. You can check her out at]