Hebgen Lake

My family just got back from our cabin at Hebgen Lake, Montana. I wanted to create a video that would show why this place is heaven on earth for me. It's my place to think, my place to ski, my place for uninterrupted family time, my place to unplug and just BE, and a place that holds some of my dearest memories. It's so important for our mental health to visit places that bring us inner peace and quiet. For me, being outside in nature brings that almost instantly, and it's good for the soul. What are things or places you love that bring you peace? 

Here's a quick video I created that I think you'll enjoy. Make sure to click on HD and watch it in full resolution... also with the sound up high. Gives me chills. 

I love my fam. That's all there is to it. Here are a few pictures too, just because I'm already having Hebgen Lake withdrawals. Also, there's a story with the "jorts" (jean shorts) my brothers are all wearing in these pics below. We have a picture of my dad wearing a tight polo and jean cut-off shorts from when he was around their age, and so they recreated the same picture this year, and loved the jorts too much to take them off. Boys will be boys. ;)

It was the happiest time to have my entire family there. It has been over four years since all of us have been together in one place.