Today I spoke to another group of ~40 women and we committed to keeping promises to ourself and following through with our plan. I came home exhausted, but knew I needed to be a woman of my word... so I got in a sweat. It took only 15 minutes, but it felt amazing. I used this as a finisher for my clients the other week, and it will give those legs/arms a burn! Give it a try!

First time through... 12 reps each. Second time through... 10 reps each. Third time through... 8 reps each. GO!

1. Lunge with slow lateral curl

2. Lunge with arms high, out to front, and out to side. Repeat.

3. Sumo squat with twist

4. KB swings, heavy weight

5. Side lunges into center hop

6. Push-ups, weighted for more advanced

After your three times through, you're DONE!