Go Mom Give

A night to build strength, and to give strength.


Beth from Fielding Films captured the night perfectly. She turns everything into gold, and if you're looking for a videographer, she's your girl. (Go show her some love at @thefamfielding.)

This was such a dream come true for me to put an event like this together.

I met Georgia Anderson, owner of knowhowmom.com, back in the fall. We organized a women's hike together and taught mini lessons at the top of Ensign Peak. I don't think it was by any coincidence that I met her that day. She's one of those people who you meet once, and feel like you've known forever. To know her, is to love her. The two of us stayed in touch a little bit and were later approached by Go Jane Give, an incredible organization that encourages women to use their talents to raise money for a cause. After talking with them, we decided we wanted to team up on a project, and create an event that would use our talents to strengthen the community while raising money for a local charity.

After seeing the surprising statistics of the prevalence of postpartum depression in Utah, we knew this was something that needed more attention, and was also a cause near and dear to all women. We chose to raise money for Utah Maternal Mental Health Collaborative, a nonprofit here in Utah who is actively helping women with postpartum depression. It was the perfect fit for our event, as it was scheduled on International Women's Day.

Six months (and blood, sweat, and tears) later, over 200 women ages 12 and up, gathered together in The Garden Place at This Is The Place Heritage Park. We exercised together, listened to speakers (and keynote speaker @kellyejensen), laughed, talked, cried, had an incredible raffle (with ~30 sponsors and over $4,000 worth of products to give away), ate delicious food, and left feeling inspired and strong. 

It was an evening we'll never forget.

Thank you so much to everyone who came, and for those who missed it... I'm praying we get to do it again next year.

Also a huge thanks to Lizzyography for photographing this night. Please look her up and give her a follow at @lizzyography.  She's a wizard. And also, the kindest and most down-to-earth human you'll ever meet. ;) Thanks, Lizzy!!