Total Body

You're going to do this workout by adding on in a pyramid form. The pattern goes like this:

1 push-up
1 push-up + 2 burpees
1 push-up + 2 burpees + 3 squat presses
1 push-up + 2 burpees + 3 squat presses + 4 plyo lunges
etc.... Get it?

You'll do this all the way until you get to #10. You'll be out of breath and dripping sweat by the end! Here are the moves

1 push-up, holding at the bottom for 3 seconds before coming back up
2 burpees
3 squat presses with DB
4 plyo lunges
5 froggers
6 tricep dips
7 plank hip dips
8 Russian twists
9 tricep push-ups (I did mine modified with my knees down- do the best you can!)
10 knee to elbow jumps (make these explosive to end this burnout!)