20 Weeks

Feeling all the feels this week as I am officially HALFWAY THERE to meeting this baby boy. Time is FLYING. Here is a quick 20-week update for my little (but growing) baby bump.

Biggest craving right now:

That's easy. This last week... cinnamon bears and milk. And even better, chocolate covered cinnamon bears. This baby might come out part-cinnamon bear.

Baby is the size of:

A banana! How are we to the banana stage yet!? 6.5 inches and 10.1 ounces.  We're dying to have our big ultrasound in about a week, because we're feeling this little one move and wiggle all around. I love feeling those little kicks.

Weight gain:

5, (almost 6 pounds.) My weight gain has been nice and steady, and I'm loving seeing that bump start to pop and grow. It truly has popped this past week and there's no going back. ;)

Funny pregnancy moments:

Bry was looking for the dishtowel the other night and happened upon it in the freezer. The FREEZER, people! I'm going crazy haha! Also, if I could count the number of times I've lost my keys or phone, I'd be rich. I can't seem to keep track of anything these days. 

How I'm feeling now:

This last week I've definitely popped. My pants are officially not buttoning up comfortably, and I'm having to do the good ol' "rubber band trick." (google it if you have no idea what I'm talking about haha.) I'm living in dresses and comfy shoes these days.

We're thinking of getting Ellie's toddler room ready, and so we've been shifting things around in our house lately. Things are seeming more real as I continue to watch Ellie grow up, and as we started picking up a few boy clothes to hang in the closet. My mother in-law took me fabric shopping as she's making him a baby quilt, and it really started sinking in then. I am soooo excited we're adding a little boy to our family of three.

Physically, I'm feeling strong, but have definitely started feeling more out of breath during cardio circuits. I am recognizing how hard my body is working to grow that baby, and sometimes it takes the energy right out of me. Planks and ab routines are starting to feel uncomfortable in the front, and so I'm sticking to routines involving my oblique abdominals (side abs) more and more. I have been so tired the last few days, but usually a quick power nap will keep me going strong. Feeling good at this point and I can't believe I'm halfway there!

Welcoming 21 weeks with more cinnamon bears. ;)