THE SPOOKY STEP WORKOUT. All you need is a step! Happy Halloween!

Perform each move for 50 seconds, while resting for 10 in between. Go as many rounds as you want. (You can also adjust the time... 45 seconds work/15 rest, or 30 seconds work/30 rest to ease it up a little.)

1. Side to side step squats

2. Hop up squats into plank

3. Inclined plank jacks x 2 into mountain climbers x 2

4. Toe taps x 8 into plank

5. Side to side squats with elbow to knee tap

6. Plank cross toe touches

7. Shoot up lunges

8. Hopover squats

A cartwheel if you're feeling like today's going to be another amazing day!

Repeat as you dare. ;)