Turkey Day Challenge

A pre-feast turkey day total body challenge! Get it in! Grateful for a body that allows me to move and breathe.

1. 30 seconds, Jumping lunges

2. 25 Push-ups (modified or regular)

3. 30 seconds, Plank V-ins to extensions

4. 20 Plank shoulder taps

5. 30 seconds, Banded high knees

15 push-ups

30 seconds burpees

10 Plank shoulder taps

30 seconds, Weighted squat press with side crunches (I was holding 15# DBs)

5 Renegade rows with squat and curl, repeated 3x

30 seconds, Banded side step with jump squat

End with 20 Banded squat knee abductions and 20 banded plank jacks into leg lifts into 1 minute of banded high knees.

Repeat 2-3x if you want, or leave it at that for a quick burn! Happy Thanksgiving!