Postpartum Recovery: Legs

I've got two weeks until my doctor clears me to get back to my normal training routine and I CAN'T WAIT. It's so hard to be patient during the 6 weeks postpartum, and doing the same old pelvic floor exercises and TVA abdominal exercises for diastasis recti can be boring... but it's important to be patient, and it has already paid off. My abdominal muscles have moved almost completely back together, my pelvic floor is tightening up, and I know all of the recovery exercises I do 5x/week are working. So cheers to a two week countdown, and until then I'm continuing to take it easy with these circuits. Give this recovery leg circuit a try!

1. 15-20 walking lunges
2. 45 second - 1 min. wall sit (add shoulder presses if you want!)
3. 10-12 wall push-offs- if you still have diastasis recti, put your feet closer to the wall to take pressure off your core and focus on your arms doing the work)
4. 12 lunge pulses, 3x on EACH LEG
5. 45 second - 1 min. wall sit
Repeat 3-4x through