Valentines Day Circuit

A Valentines workout for all you people out there who want to show your body some love today.

V-pushups, 12 reps

A-lternating reverse lunges + kicks, 12 each side

L-unges, 12 each side

E-lbow to knee, 12 reps

N-o break wall sit for 1-2 minutes

T-readmill walk/run for 5-10 minutes

I-sometric bridge marches, 12 reps

N-arrow to normal squats, 12 of each

E-lbow side plank reaches (for more advanced, perform leg lifts)

S-umo squat pulses x 4 into jump back plank

Repeat 2-3x depending on how much time you have (because the treadmill portion will take some time.) Go fast between moves, only taking rest after the entire circuit is complete. Go!