Total Body

Power Circuit: Total Body

✖️Two rounds. First round, ONE MINUTE each move (8 moves total). Second round, 30 SECONDS each move.

1️⃣Side to side, clean to press with DBs (I used 20#)

2️⃣Long jump forward, low slides back, walk hands down into plank and walk them back up to stand— repeat.

✖️rest 30 seconds

3️⃣Bosu Ball burpees

4️⃣Plank jacks on bosu

✖️rest 30 seconds

5️⃣Reverse lunges with 20# DB pass through the legs

6️⃣Low slides side to side holding 20#

✖️rest 30 seconds

7️⃣Wide push-ups to narrow tricep push-ups

8️⃣Tricep kickbacks with 12# DBs

....phew! Now repeat the whole circuit doing 30 seconds each move. Push yourself! If you can do a third round, DO IT.