Vecino's Bike Imports

A bike for you AND your kids. When Vecino's Bike Imports reached out to me to ask if I'd like to test out one of their bikes, I didn't hesitate for a second! I love to bike, but without a way to take Ellie during the day, I haven't been doing it as often. I miss it terribly! As soon as the bike was delivered, we were out adventuring and picnic-ing, of course. If only I could've bottled up her "weeeeeee"-s down every hill... I'll treasure that memory forever. She'd go to the garage, pound on the door, and say "bike! bike!!" Ohhhhh man, we're going to have to start saving our pennies, because it was hard to give this back after we had it for a few days. If this is something in your budget, it's worth looking into.

My three favorite features about the bike:

1. I loved being able to see Ellie in front of me. I could talk and interact with her, watch her every move, and hear her excited screams when we'd go fast.

2. I loved the interior for safety and practicality reasons. The whole inside of the cubby is leather or plastic, and for us, crackers and popsicle juice was gone in a jiffy. As a mom, I appreciate anything that cleans up well. #messychildproblems 

I also loved the rain cover. It comes down and clips into place so easily. It started lightly raining on one of our rides, and Ellie was perfectly warm and dry inside. It folds back so nicely, without getting in the way. Loved that feature!

I also loved that the double seats have adjustable four-point harnesses. Safety first! I also love that you are able to store pretty much anything you need to in that cubby! I felt like we could've gone grocery shopping in that thing, and packed everything in. Huge storage space!

3. The bike has gears to make hills easier, a bell to ring, a brake to set when you decide to park, and a lock that is located under the seat so you can be sure nobody takes off with it when you're not around. The design was sleek and easy to use.

Hope you get to take one home soon!