Now that my diastasis recti has closed, and my abs are healed, it's time to work CORE. I'm so happy to be working on strengthening my core again as it helps with my lower back and every other movement I do while lifting. It's always a good idea to strengthen your core, ladies! It aids in almost everything, from posture, to preventing injury, to stabilization. Here is a fun circuit from yesterday's at home workout. Each move for 30-45 seconds with 10-15 seconds rest in between. Repeat 2-3x through.

1. Knee to Elbow Crunches holding weight

2. Weighted Russian Twists: a toddler works great for this one ;)

3. Side plank clams, both sides

4. Slow weighted sit-ups

5. Plank leg lifts

6. Plank hold - up this one to 1 minute if you can!

7. Low plank hip dips

Remember to repeat 2-3x through. If you performed each move for 30 seconds the first time through, try for 45 seconds the second time through. Good luck!

Stairmill Circuit

All my stair-steppers! You need to try this circuit! It will take you ~15 minutes and you'll be burnin' (especially if you're coming off of postpartum recovery like me). But it's a real good cardio burst. You can adjust these settings appropriately, but this is what my machine read:
Level 10-12: fast walk
Level 7: slow recover
Level 15: fast enough to be jogging the stairs
Level 7: slow recover
REPEAT those four settings 3-4x through (go for four!) which will put you at 12-16 minutes, and after your last "Level 15," slow it wayyy down to recover and catch your breath. Stretch those legs after!

5 Reasons Why Getting Sleep Makes You A Better Mom

Better Sleep = Better YOU

5 reasons why getting better sleep makes you a better mom

Today, I'm excited to introduce you to Christine Lawler, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Behavioral Sleep Specialist. She strongly believes that improving sleep is one of the quickest ways to improve quality of life, and is passionate about helping parents all over the world get better sleep. Below, she writes about why getting better sleep is going to make you a better mom. Make sure to check out her resources (linked at the bottom) for learning how to do it, with your little ones around. 


I know, I know. Don’t we all wish we could get more sleep? I feel like that’s the mark of adulthood—being constantly tired. It’s certainly the mark of parenthood.

We sacrifice everything for our kids and we run ourselves ragged trying to be the best versions of ourselves possible.  We should be sacrificing for our kids. It’s an ingrained biological instinct that suddenly this tiny human overpowers our sense of selfishness—but sometimes we sacrifice in ways that don’t actually pay off like we want them to. Sleep is the biggest culprit of all.

Of course, some of our sleep sacrifices are unavoidable. Heavens, they come out of the womb waking up, like, every 2-3 hours. Then later they go through things like teething, sleep regressions, sickness, nightmares, etc, (…etc, etc) and we sacrifice our sleep because they need us to.

The thing is, these sleep disturbances should be rare and short lived but for many parents, bad sleep has just become the norm. We think we’re sacrificing our sleep to help our children, but the greatest benefits for our kids actually come from having well-rested parents:

·      You’re meeting one of your child’s most fundamental needs. It feels selfish to want your baby to sleep well so you can sleep well. But the fact is, food, SLEEP and love are our 3 most important needs to survive and thrive. Fostering healthy sleep habits in your little one is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. Sleep promotes physical, emotional, intellectual and social development.

·      You’re nicer and more patient when you’ve slept well. Sleep has this magical property of regulating our emotions. When we don’t sleep well, we’re more prone to things like depression, anxiety, and overwhelm. When you’ve got a sweet little baby at home you probably don’t have as many reasons to feel grumpy or impatient… but believe me, once that baby hits toddler-hood you need as much patience as you can possibly muster. This is easier with sleep.

·      You’re more fun. It’s way easier to engage with your kids, play on the floor, play dress up, or have the energy to do crafts and playdates when you’ve slept well. When you haven’t slept well you can certainly do those things, but our kids pick up on our energy level and enthusiasm (or lack thereof).

·      You’re a better version of yourself: Imagine one of those (rare) days that you had a great night of sleep. Didn’t you wake up feeling empowered and ready to take on the day? When we get good sleep, we have more pep in our step, motivation and drive. We’re better examples of productivity and optimism.

·      Your relationships are better. Grumpiness and impatience also take a toll on our marriages. We’re much more likely to feel resentful, keep score, and neglect our partner’s needs when we’re exhausted. Keeping a marriage thriving and happy is one of the greatest blessings we can give our kids. If you have the energy to nurture your relationship with your partner you’ll feel more peace and fulfillment during the day which will, in turn, benefit your child.

Ready to get sleep on track for the whole family? Visit www.thepeacefulsleeper.com for more information or find my comprehensive sleep training guide Get Your Sleep On on amazon. For those newborn parents out there, download this FREE Newborn Sleep Survival guide here: http://thepeacefulsleeper.com/sleep-training-guides/

Happy Sleeping!

-Christine Lawler / @the.peaceful.sleeper

Good luck, mama friends!

The Breg-fast Sandwich

When you can’t sleep because you’re thinking about what’s coming for breakfast... please just trust us on this... it can’t be beat! And with ~20 grams of protein, it makes a perfect post workout meal. Introducing to you, the BREG-FAST sandwich (named after us: Bry + Meg... I know, kind of a stretch). But it’s SO DANG GOOD.



One whole wheat English muffin, toasted

Cottage cheese (as much or little as you’d like)

One egg, cooked medium so the yolk is perfection

Hot, pan-seared ham

“Everything But The Bagel” seasoning from TJ’s


Toast the bagel and layer everything else on top. Another #momstrongnoms meal in five minutes. Winning!



Cleared by the doc, and I'm back to work! All I know is I had a smile on my face all morning, covered in sweat, wayyyy out of breath, and going to be so dang sore tomorrow. But it felt SO good to be back training again. Here's one of the circuits I threw together, and it's a burner!!

Shoulder press with heavier DB (I used 25#) - 12-15 reps

Close to normal reverse lunges, carrying heavier DB, (I used 25#) - 10 each side 

Tricep extensions with single DB, (I used 12#) - 12-15 reps

Squats (holding 25#) - 12-15 reps

Deadlift to upright row, (12# DBs) - 12-15 reps

Squat pulses, (holding 25#) - 15-20 reps

Half Arnold, (with 12# DBs) - 12-15 reps

Close to normal reverse lunges, carrying heavier DB, (I used 25#) - 10 each side (these burn!!)

Repeat 2-3x through and you’re done!!

Valentines Day Circuit

A Valentines workout for all you people out there who want to show your body some love today.

V-pushups, 12 reps

A-lternating reverse lunges + kicks, 12 each side

L-unges, 12 each side

E-lbow to knee, 12 reps

N-o break wall sit for 1-2 minutes

T-readmill walk/run for 5-10 minutes

I-sometric bridge marches, 12 reps

N-arrow to normal squats, 12 of each

E-lbow side plank reaches (for more advanced, perform leg lifts)

S-umo squat pulses x 4 into jump back plank

Repeat 2-3x depending on how much time you have (because the treadmill portion will take some time.) Go fast between moves, only taking rest after the entire circuit is complete. Go!

Postpartum Recovery: Legs

I've got two weeks until my doctor clears me to get back to my normal training routine and I CAN'T WAIT. It's so hard to be patient during the 6 weeks postpartum, and doing the same old pelvic floor exercises and TVA abdominal exercises for diastasis recti can be boring... but it's important to be patient, and it has already paid off. My abdominal muscles have moved almost completely back together, my pelvic floor is tightening up, and I know all of the recovery exercises I do 5x/week are working. So cheers to a two week countdown, and until then I'm continuing to take it easy with these circuits. Give this recovery leg circuit a try!

1. 15-20 walking lunges
2. 45 second - 1 min. wall sit (add shoulder presses if you want!)
3. 10-12 wall push-offs- if you still have diastasis recti, put your feet closer to the wall to take pressure off your core and focus on your arms doing the work)
4. 12 lunge pulses, 3x on EACH LEG
5. 45 second - 1 min. wall sit
Repeat 3-4x through

Sponsors for Go Mom Give, 2018

The best part about running a charity event like Go Mom Give, is being able to watch a community come together to support a cause. We are always blown away at the generosity of our sponsors, who make this event possible. It's truly a magical thing to be a part of.

To start, we are SO thrilled to welcome in two fabulous presenters this year: Lindsey Taylor, an Internationally-known Zumba instructor who is leading our workout portion of the evening... and Heidi Swapp, our keynote speaker. Both are incredible women who we can't wait for you to get to know better. If you're nervous about the Zumba portion, I've linked some videos below to help you see what Zumba is all about. But just know that there's no need to be nervous. With a room full of women involved (and most who have never done Zumba before either), it's going to be a party!


Here are our sponsors for this year's event, and our list is still growing.

HOST: This Is The Place Heritage Park

LIGHTING and DECOR: Lumen Lighting + Frieda Nattress

VIDEOGRAPHY: KC Film and Photo / @kcfilmandphoto

FOOD: Lick'd Pops / @lickdpops, Sweet Tooth Fairy / @sweettoothfairy, Si Foster / @abountifulkitchen, Erika Peterson / @cleansimpleeats, Shannon Sargent / @cleaneats_cleantreats

CHARITY we are benefiting: THE EMILY EFFECT


Stein Eriksen Lodge, Deer Valley: Two night stay in a luxury suite at Stein Eriksen Lodge ($800 value!)

Awaken Studios / @awakenstudios: TWO 3-month premium VIP memberships

The Stock Place / @thestockplace: $150 gift card to shop

The Healing Group /@thehealinggroup: THREE goodie bags valued over $150 including a one-hour wellness consult with a Health Group specialist, a Nalgene water bottle, their custom "Quench" DoTerra oil kit, and self-care goodies

Soel Boutique / @soelboutique: $100 gift card to shop

Crate and Barrel / @crateandbarrel: THREE WINNERS: a knife set, a 10-piece All Clad pots and pans set, and some kitchen items

Little Poppy Co / @littlepoppyco: TWO WINNERS of 6 month bow subscriptions + their own cute extra add-on set

Albion Fit / @albionfit: $100 to shop

Made By Mary / @madebymarywithlove: TEN WINNERS of the prettiest necklaces!

Poppy and Dot / @poppyanddot: $100 gift card to shop

Saranoni Blanket / @saranoniblanket: $100 gift card to shop

Lilac Clothing / @lilacclothing: $250 gift card to shop

Arvo / @arvo: TWO WINNERS of one of their darling watches

Fawn Design / @fawndesign: TWO WINNERS of a brand new diaper bag/purse

Blend Tec / @blendtec: a designer 725 blender and twister jar ($700 value!)

Gathre / @gathre: A large gathre mat (in the cutest polka dot design!)

Kortni Jeane / @kortnijeane: $150 to shop for a suit!

UnderCover Mama / @undercover_mama: $150 gift card to shop

Walker Edison / @walkeredisonco: Their Mid Century Writing Desk ($400 value!)

The Sports Mall: Pass to the Sports Mall

Utah Hogle Zoo / @hoglezoo : FOUR WINNERS will receive zoo passes!

This Is The Place Heritage Park: A $300 gift basket + free pass to the park!

Anonymous Donor / $200 cash to a lucky winner!

Be thinking of where you'd like to place your five raffle tickets on March 14th! We can't wait to see who walks away with each of these prizes!

Postpartum Recovery Circuit

At almost four weeks postpartum, I've been starting to integrate some easy, recovery circuits as I'm still healing. Still no running or jumping and protecting my front abs + strengthening my pelvic floor. This morning, I began my day with this one- give it a try!

1. Modified commandos, 12-15 reps

2. Squats to seat, 15-20 reps

3. Tricep dips, 12-15 reps

4. Step-ups, 15-20 reps

5. Inclined side plank with side reaches, 12-15 reps each side

6. Squat to seat, 15-20 reps

Repeat circuit 2-4x through

Postpartum Recovery

Three weeks postpartum update: each day, I spend at least 30 minutes walking on a slight incline, and a good solid 20-30 minutes doing recovery exercises/stretching. I've already seen progress in my diastasis recti, and I think it's on it's way to fully closing. Here are some new movements I began incorporating today... Good for diastasis, and good for pelvic floor recovery. Just note that this video is sped up. TAKE THESE SLOW. The focus is always in breathing and contracting those innermost abdominal muscles, your transverse abdominis, and internal oblique abdominal muscles. Hope you give them a try! Repeat the whole circuit 2-3x through, with 8-12 reps for each movement:

1. Side plank lift with knees down, both sides

2. Side plank lift with legs out, both sides

3. Kneeling in-and-out leg lifts, both legs

4. Kneeling leg lifts, both legs

5. Bridge singe leg holds... up in a bridge position, you'll bring one leg up in the air until it's parallel to the other, and hold for 2 seconds before switching sides

6. Side oblique pulls... the focus is NOT on the center abdominal muscles, but only the obliques on the side. Focus on those muscles without putting any tension or strain up your midline.

Postpartum Recovery

I'm 2.5 weeks postpartum and still incorporating some basic inner core exercises to move my abs back together as well as a whole lot of pelvic floor strengthening exercises (which are awesome for pregnant women as well!) Here is a circuit I did a couple days ago. 3-5x through, 10-12 reps each movement.

1. Glute bridges

2. Leg lifts into heel slides, both sides

3. Bridge marches, both sides

4. Bird dog

5. Dead bug

6. Knee thrust into knee fall out, both sides

It's been super hard to be patient, (and I sure miss my friends in the weight room), but I'm still just walking every day and doing these simple exercises to allow my body to heal fully. It will be worth it!